What can I expect during my 30 day trial with hearing aids?

What can I expect during my 30 day trial with hearing aids?

Although hearing aids are not “magic” or a “miracle,” they can be pretty amazing to experience during the first month of use. They can also be a little overwhelming at times!

Our goal is always to prescribe the gain for the hearing aids at a comfortable but audible level.  You should easily be able to tell you are hearing speech much easier but easier level. The hearing aids may sound a little “tinny” at the beginning. This is because we are providing high frequency sounds that you have not heard for a while.

You should also expect your voice to sound a little different in the first week. Many of our patients describe their voice as sounding “hollow” or “like my voice is on a tape recorder.” This is very normal, and most patients feel they have adjusted to this within the first week.

You should return to our doctors for an adjustment if any of the following are noticeable:

  • Any pain from the fitting of the hearing aid
  • Uncomfortable loudness at the initial hearing aid setting (when you first turn it on)
  • Problems adjusting the settings on the hearing aids
  • Excessive background noise
  • Tinny sounds that are still present in week two

We believe you need time to adjust and to see the improvement in your hearing. We also believe you should be able to try these hearing aids for 30 days at no cost to you. Our philosophy is simple: We want you to be happy with the hearing aids before you purchase them!