What You Can Do

Realize that there is help.

Our hearing keeps us connected to the best parts of life, and there are ways to get it back. While hearing loss is extremely common, especially as we get older, it is also extremely treatable.

Get informed.

Throughout the site, look for facts about hearing losspotential causes, and signs that indicate whether you or someone you love have hearing loss. You’ll also learn how Hearing Doctors of Kansas can help.

Talk about it.

If you begin to think you might have hearing loss, talk with your family about it. Typically, they will notice any problems before you do. Even if you’re not certain, seeing a hearing doctor is a sensible step, just like a regular checkup with your medical doctor.

Or if you realize someone you love is having problems with hearing, offer your support. Encourage your loved one to make an appointment with a hearing doctor, also known as an audiologist. You can even go along.

See an audiologist.

A few simple tests can show the doctor how your hearing is working — and ways to improve it.

Act fast.

Most people wait 7 years after the first signs of hearing loss before visiting an audiologist. Why wait? Every word, every sound, and every moment is worth listening to.

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss symptoms, don’t wait — take action today. Contact us to request an appointment.