What is the training required to be an Audiologist?

By Kevin Ruggle on August 25, 2015

Audiology has moved to a doctorate level for new graduates. University programs are graduating Audiologists with Au.D degrees and more than half of the practicing Audiologists have gone back to school to earn this new degree. There are still practicing Audiologists who have a Master’s degree who are fully licensed, but have chosen not to upgrade to the Au.D.

The Hearing Doctors of Kansas strongly supports the Au.D as evidenced by the fact that all of our Doctors have earned this degree. We believe that you should trust your hearing to providers that are committed to the highest levels of excellence through training and education.

Audiology programs are typically four years in length after the student has earned a bachelor's degree. The fourth year is spent in a clinic with licensed audiologists who further their education through hands on practice in the field. Our offices have been the sight for several Au.D. students in the past few years.  

For further information on AuD programs and education we suggest you search the American Academy of Audiology website at www.audiologist.org.