Why Choose Hearing Doctors


At Hearing Doctors of Kansas, we’re not here just to sell products. We’re here to determine the ideal course of treatment for you, whether that means a hearing aid, another assistive device, regular checkups, or supporting your family doctor with a diagnosis. More than anything, we are here to help with your hearing loss issues. Learn more about the doctors.

Specialists in fitting hearing aids.

If a hearing aid is the right choice for you, we can help. We provide expert fittings, changing the entire feel of the device.

The chance to try before you buy.

All our patients receive a free 30-day trial with their hearing aids, allowing you to adapt to your hearing aid and make sure you’re comfortable with it before committing.

Good relationships with the medical community.

Area medical doctors respect the qualifications of licensed audiologists, which is why we work together to give you the best care for your hearing.

Eight locations in Kansas.

We have offices in Manhattan, Topeka, Clay Center, Marysville, and Junction City, all staffed by licensed audiologists who hold their Doctor of Audiology degree. And each of our locations offers handicapped-accessible parking, making life easier for all our patients.

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