Doctors & Staff

Meet the licensed audiologists and support staff at Hearing Doctors of Kansas.

  • Charles L. Gillum, Jr., Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Doctors of Kansas

    Charles L. Gillum, Jr., Au.D.

    Doctor of Audiology

    After seeing the world through a three-year stint in the Navy following high school, Charlie Gillum didn’t have to look far for career inspiration. Following the lead of his father, a hearing aid dispenser, he gravitated toward audiology in school, eventually establishing Hearing Doctors of Kansas...

  • Kevin P. Ruggle, Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Doctors of Kansas

    Kevin P. Ruggle, Au.D.

    Doctor of Audiology

    A practicing audiologist since 1990, Kevin Ruggle joined Hearing Doctors of Kansas in 1996. Audiology blends two of Ruggle’s passions — health care (a family pursuit) and technology (he’s quite handy with a smartphone) — making for a perfect fit.

  • Justin A. Tourtillott, Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Doctors of Kansas

    Justin A. Tourtillott, Au.D.

    Doctor of Audiology

    Justin Tourtillott has been with Hearing Doctors of Kansas since 2003, joining the practice after earning his degree in audiology. Like his partners, Tourtillott uncovered his own career path by watching a family member in the field.

  • Jennifer Graham

    Office Manager

    Jennifer Graham has been with Hearing Doctors since fall 2017. She has experience in both dental and medical offices and has owned a small business, so she feels at home in the Hearing Doctors’ small office environment. Graham sees her role as making sure patients feel comfortable and greeting them...