Hearing Loss Services, Hearing Doctors of Kansas


We see patients of all ages and with all types of hearing issues — from infants to adults, and from regular checkups to consultations on hearing loss.

The majority of our patients visit us to address some degree of hearing loss, whether at the beginning stages or more progressed. The most common, effective treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids.

In addition to hearing aids, we also provide assistive listening devices, which can help you hear better in specific situations.

Our Services Include:

  • Adult exams
  • Otoscopy (visual ear examination)
  • Cerumen (ear wax) removal
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Pediatric checkups
  • Newborn screening and infant screenings including OAE screening
  • Hearing aids
    • Fittings
    • Free 30-day trials
    • Batteries
    • Checkups
    • Programming
    • Cleanings
    • Repairs
    • Loaners
  • Assistive listening devices
    • TV and radio listening
    • Phone amplifying (see our Insurance & Financing page to learn whether you’re eligible for a free amplified telephone)
    • Direct audio input (TV, radio, phone)
    • Auditorium assistance
    • Light-based smoke alarms
  • Custom ear plugs (for hunters, swimmers, musicians, etc.)
  • Referrals to ear, nose and throat specialists (also known as ENT or Ear Doctors – medical specialists who treat ears and perform ear surgeries)

Let the audiologists at Hearing Doctors of Kansas help you find the best treatment for your hearing loss issues.

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