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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss disconnects you from the people and things you love. The changes might be small at first — asking people to repeat themselves, straining to hear on the phone or in background noise. Over time, you may find yourself missing the bulk of a conversation, or avoiding events you never used to miss.

While hearing loss is a serious condition, for most people, it’s also very treatable. There’s plenty you and your loved ones can do to stay tuned in to every moment.

Keep reading for more about hearing loss and how deeply it can affect you and the people you love. If you think you might be experiencing hearing loss, take the Starkey online hearing test. And when you’re ready, contact Hearing Doctors of Kansas to schedule your checkup — and reconnect with everything life has to offer.

  • The Facts

    Approximately 33% of people over the age of 60 suffer from hearing loss. That figure jumps to 50% for those older than 85.

  • Causes of Hearing Loss

    For most people, hearing loss happens slowly. It may not seem serious at first, but left untreated, it often gets progressively worse.

  • Signs of Hearing Loss

    To see if you, a family member, or a friend may be experiencing some degree of hearing loss, consider the following questions.

  • Preventing Hearing Loss

    Learn about the obvious — and not-so-obvious — ways to prevent hearing loss.

  • What You Can Do

    Our hearing keeps us connected to the best parts of life, and there are ways to get it back.

  • Helping a Loved One

    Friends and family typically notice the signs of hearing loss first — even before the individual does.

  • Hearing Loss Test

    Take the online hearing test to see if a complete audiogram (hearing test) is recommended.

  • Hearing Loss Simulator

    A hearing loss simulator can help you understand what a loved one with hearing loss is experiencing.

Source: Hearing Loss Association of America